Saturday, March 5, 2011

rough model sheet

Changed the design a bit. These are just rough and loose expressions, I'm working on a walk cycle and I can see already that he's changed in places again, but only slightly from these.

Couldn't find a good dialogue clip where I was hoping to find it, so I'll have to keep looking for something to fit this guy. If anybody wants to suggest a clip or an actor it might help! :D

(btw I changed him cause I felt he looked like Raichu too much before...hehe, but I'm much happier with him now)


  1. cool design, kinda reminds me of winnie the pooh if he was a doglike dragon. Maybe check out winnie the pooh then for some dialogue, looks like the voice would fit the character well

  2. Thanks Kevin.
    Yeah I liked the simplicity of the Pooh cast, and I've always wanted to try out a dotted-eye character.

  3. Nice design, but there are parallel lines. I don't know maybe you did them on purpose, but I'd advise you to make something like this.
    Again it's just an advise :)

  4. Haha, nothing wrong with Raichu, he was totally my pokemon of choice from way way way back when!

    He's cute I love his nose!

    What are you planning on doing with him?

  5. Artur, thanks for the draw over! What you said makes sense, and it took a few moment of looking over the character to see that I do have a lot of parallel lines. And I've definitely known that design principle, but I must have totally forgotten it! Haha! Thanks a bunch, I'll have to work it in to the animation I've already started :D

    Robin, Thanks! Haha, I never evolved my Pikachus! :p Only the spare one to add to my pokedex :p

    I am looking to do a decent length dialogue clip, with him would be good since I've got him designed already. I started with a walk cycle to just start something which has been fun (he has a bit of a dinosaur walk on his two legs :p).