Tuesday, March 15, 2011

walk wip

Here's a preview of the walk I'm working on. The playback is a bit off since it's a .gif and I'm still working on some little things that I've noticed and am not happy with (mainly the tail >:C ).

And at work right now, Boris and I are on a little project animating a children's book in flash (hand drawn in flash though). The book is illustrated by Tony Fucile, you can see some of the illustrations here: Bink and Gollie


  1. Love the walk! Such a cute character, and it works really well!

    Best of luck on the iPad contest. I voted for your design. :)

  2. That little dragon dude is so awesome.

  3. Super cute Amanda! Definitely feels like a dragon, too, instead of another beasty. And the kids book looks like a ton of fun. :)