Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I needed to update :B

So here's some doodle-y-things.
...Like a fairy that I coloured but now I think looks a little stupid. But then when I look at it again I kinda like it. I'll probably think it looks really stupid in a day or something. Guh! Stupid fairy.

And some ms paint arts for Agnes :D And me needing a haircut. Hi.

I forgot to post one of Boris' cafe sketches that I coloured+am posting without asking. I'm sneaky. And she's floating.


  1. These are beauuutiful <3 I like doodles so much! Sometimes there's a lot more life to them :D

  2. Good show! Haha, I know how it feels to need a haircut. I love the way you color stuff.

  3. That fairy is pretty nice!
    I wouldn't have expected colours like that for my drawings,,, keeeeewwwl.

  4. Sexy pixie! Lovin' her *mmph!* pose :D

    That MS Paint doodle rocks my world. I'm tempted to do one, but I somehow don't have MS Paint on my computer. Which is a PC. Don't ask me how that is, I couldn't say O_o

  5. Maaan I need a haircut tooooo

    I can put my hair in pigtails now. PIGTAILS, WHAT IS THIS.

    That said I like the fairy. Her wings are great.

  6. I'm loving that ms paint drawing. Cool stuff.

  7. your colour schemes are colourful and appealing as always. its always nice to visit here and find inspirations. keep updating :D