Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sketches in red

I wanted to colour some of these, but Christmas time has been pretty hectic so far D:
And these are all from a while ago already D: D: D:

Cafe sketches, and the 3 ladies on the right were from tv sketching :B

I found an interestingly illustrated book called Tamara and the Sea Witch and drew some of the characters cause they looked pretty fun to draw. I also wanted to colour these at some point in my life, but dunno if I'll have tiiiiiime! D: >


  1. Very nice, especially the cafe sketches.
    and when did you Change yOur SigNature !!??

  2. I have yet to do any cafe sketching...still looking for someone to go with. It's kind of awkward to go by oneself. D:

    Anyway, awesome sketches! Your art always inspires me so. c:

  3. These are awesome sketches Amanda. Keep it up and you'll be a star of the show.

    Happy Holidays


  4. That one drawing of the lady on the second page, the one standing on the left? It reminds me of The Nanny for some reason. Maybe because of the pose? Or the expression? You remember that animation at the beginning of the show? Anyhway!

    These are so nice!I especially like the two guys, i look at them, and i laugh. I mean, look at the expressions and the caricature on the one in the bottom right corner? Great job!

    Also, that sea witch book? I'm pretty sure i have a polish version of it somewhere here. This is so weird, seeing a polish book in english etc. Makes me proud...I shall shed a tear of polish pride *sheds a tear of polish pride*

    More posts? Pretty please coated with brown sugar and sprinkles?

  5. some fun stuff in these pages. Nice update.

  6. Really solid character work Amanda! Keep it up.

  7. Hey, there is some really pretty work up here. I'll be following for stuff for sure! The queen looks great.