Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jumble of things

Warthog and emu rotation/pose sheets. They're nameless still :C
The warthog surfs and the emu wears rain boots. I'll post the lines/colours maybe later on (unless I'm lying 8( )

I really want to paint my own drawn backgrounds, but I just can't get any layout I do to work out. So I use the ones provided. So, I didn't do the line art for this, just the colours.

And an in-class concept for storyboarding 8)


  1. Fomg, that Emu is my hero. The poses are brilliant xD

    Also, also, what did you draw that storyboard concept on/with? It looks mighty spiffy! :O

  2. I used conte on the back piece of a newsprint pad 8)
    yay improvisation! :B

  3. I like that background layout. Very nice.

  4. Looks like you had fun with that storyboard concept. Looks good!

  5. Yay Mandy Jumbles! Those are my favorite. c: Nice to see new stuff from you!

  6. amanda those character designs are CRAZYYYY!!! ur so good i cant stand it!! :D

    and of course an emu would be wearing rainboots, i haven't seen any yet that haven't

  7. Bangbang is awesome! I wish I drew it ): haha

    Missing you like woah, come find me and bug me sometime!