Wednesday, August 5, 2009

just some fanart

cause I felt like it :p

Frog Naveen somehow got into the wrong film >)

Referenced the bg big time for this.

I've seen a few people do one of these and they've been really pretty so I wanted to try it out and thought it'd be good practice for digital painting. Only actually somewhat pleased with the face though, I just wanted to get it done with by the time I was at the body :p

Taking a colouring page, you paint the character referencing a classical like painting.
The painting I referenced is this.
And the colouring page is this.

though I cropped it and changed her smile a little 8D
Inspired by:
Ryan Wood
Sam Neilson


  1. Your Ariel is pretty. :)
    I just watched little Mermaid as well. haha. <33

  2. I like your Lion Frog Princess King picture. cute.

  3. omg. that's brilliant! i wanna try!!!