Monday, August 10, 2009

summer zoo trip #1

A few of us went to the zoo yesterday and it was the first time I went since almost last year so I was majorly rusty.
And I didn't get too many drawings, but the ones I did get, I think I like.
I plan to go again a (few times!) before school starts up again. That only gives me..less than a month!

And we went to Stingray Bay and pet the stingray(s) which was actually really cool! There were some bottom-dwelling sharks in there too but they were pretty shy.

These are just 2 concept boards I drew up for my film that I liked, but won't be using them.


  1. nice drawings =) How did the apes/monkeys work out for you two? The grizzlies and elephants were the best things to draw for us that day.

    BTW i uploaded my zoo drawings as well if you want to see them

  2. I really like em. I can't wait until we go again.

  3. Those are beautiful! I need to do more zoo drawing.

    And yesss, petting rays is so fun. Don't they feel like wet mushrooms? 8D

  4. I really like the bird in the bottom right corner, Mandy. All of them are great though.

    I gotta say, have you seen the ads for Stingray Bay? They're hilarious!

  5. hey! i love your work - i am following! :)

  6. The zoo is always fun.
    Sometimes its so busy though, difficult to draw. -__-

    XD Cute

  7. i love the kookaburra, amanda! awesome drawings :) i'll come with u guys again if you go!

  8. Hey nice zoo drawings! I had not seen them that day.