Saturday, June 27, 2009

last bit on pigs

So just to keep me posting, here are some really fast drawings I had done at the end of the school year for my story pitch. Will not be using this though as my idea. It was just something I cranked out while finishing the group film.

But in any case I thought some of these were kinda cute. I don't think I'll post anything about my film idea just yet, I wanna work it out before showing it to people, though do have a character that I'm happy with.

Our group film is now online, check it out if you haven't already seen it:

And these are screen caps of the other scenes I had animated.

And the co-op at Yowza is going great! It's going by so fast and I'm learning a lot. We're done our 420 hours there but Boris and I will be staying until the cleanup is done which should be end of July/beginning of August.


  1. :O
    You animated it so well! Your parts!
    Good job!
    He is a cute little piggie. :)

  2. Wow your group film was over four minutes long they must be really cracking the whip at Sheridan, great work.

  3. That was GREAT! *applauds* You all did such a marvelous job!

  4. awesome goats, amanda :)

    i'm excited to see some more stuff from ur 4th year film.. i can't wait!

  5. very cool on the staying on bit. hows it goin anyways? cool goats

  6. my film is coming along...I'm struggling between colour or b&w...

    we will see though.

    2 more months here in Ireland. I hopefully will have alot more developed when I get back to Canada, regarding my film.

  7. interested to see your film (and Boris's) and the characters you guys will come up with. Nice goats/sheep too, very playful.

  8. Tnx for the comment! (=
    And I can't wait to see your idea for the fourth year film.

  9. Your animal sketches are lovely !
    Excellent !

  10. Amanda I think I love you and Boris.

    Like really.. this... this is..



  11. Those female goats are so mean. Poor guy.
    I like your 'mations.

  12. Hey Amanda! You and Boris have blogs! cool! Anyways if I dont see you guys around the studio ( i am done!) all the best in the fall, good luck with your films , it was great working with you.

  13. Great film, alot of fun! Nice sketches up top too, good luck on your film next year!