Tuesday, November 13, 2007


(I don't support smoking of any kind, jus'o'ya'know :6 )

Aaaaaaaaand over the summer my sister had a BEBEH. And she asked me to paint the room for her, and she wanted Lady and the Tramp. So there ya go. And the dog with Scamp is Caesar, my sister's dog. They're on separate walls, as if Scamp scurried off.

(Disney Characters blah blah blah © Disney yadda yadda)


  1. nice feeling of the girl smoking... (weed?) not to mention red compliments your crazy green blog colour. GJ :)

  2. beautiful artwork on your blog you have here, Amanda.

  3. i like ur character design! u evolved your style some and it's looking good ^^

  4. that girrl is soo good!
    zoe is going to love her room.

  5. omg! i painted my sister's baby room too!!

    urs is sooo beautiful! way better than mine

    we're so cool :)

  6. Aww, cute! Now I wish my room was paintable...so I could get you to paint it.

  7. Dang, you did those Lady and Tramp paintings by hand? Wow, they look photoshop'd (which is a compliment) o_o;;;



  8. d'aww, a baaabyyyyyy

    Nice Lady and the Tramp stuff too :>

    By the way, I just noticed your new profile picture :))))) Nice eyes.

  9. hey its amanda =D I didn't know you added me to your blog links, i shall do the same.

    And wth is up with all the nice art? Seriously, do some bad stuff sometime ok? (kidding). On the thumbnail version of the pic with the scottish terrier, it looks like his face is splattered with ink hehe.

    Anyways I'll stop being weird now

  10. Thanks for your comment on my blog...lol well i've been doing it for a little over 2 years (seariously working with that for less than a year) but i learned a lot at the begginning now I just learned to apply it. I'm sure soon as we get in it and people that have a passion for it (the ones that will) will be really great too. I hope so because i'd love to have people tha will do a CG film 3rd yr. But now Classical animation...that's a whole different story. I wish i was as good at that like you, boris, dei, etc.