Friday, November 2, 2007

One of my characters for the Contrasting Characters/Walk and Run assignments;

The other character's a Victorian dressed girl. I'll post her later along with the rest of this guys poses+rotation.

I haven't had time to scan anything so looking through my photobucket account, 2 things I haven't posted;

Kat asked me to draw her character in my style, so I did. But I did two. I don't know what my style is yet. Though I'm pretty sure it's severely leaning towards the one on the right, though I somewhat miss how my drawings used to turn out.

And just a doodle 8)


  1. beautiful colour palette on the jungle dude. not to mention it matches your blog colour too.

    I like your characters and style. they are all so expressive and full of life. Good work :)

  2. yeah i rally like the colours on the tribal guy.
    the green on your blog is going to take getting used to.

    who fucking cares about what "style" you have. Just fucking draw maaaaaaaannn.... your style will evolve underneath your nose and you will have no idea. Drawing is funner that way.

  4. That little tribal dude is so bad-ass it hurts. I love the design!!!

  5. Yup. Your art is still awesome.

  6. love the new layout, amanda!

    and that native-cannibal guy is KICKASS

  7. i really love the design and the color choices here, Amanda.

  8. Sweet character ~ He makes me laugh xDD Post your victorian girl, I'm interested in seeing her *_*;;;

    And I agree with Braden; don't worry so much about your style, 'cause really, no matter what way you draw, it always turns out HAWT. <3

  9. really like your little tribal that animation when its donezo