Tuesday, November 16, 2010

scar test

Leaving for CTN in a few days!
Really excited, it's going to be awesome! :D

I did a really short dialogue test before leaving for LA since I currently don't have any dialogue in my reel. Tried it out on paper, but got really frustrated, I think because I didn't know how I wanted to compose the animation, so I tried it out in flipbook and just went with it.

Keys and breakdowns are pretty easy in flipbook, though inbetweening gets a little hard :/
But I like how quickly I was able to do the animation, so I'm definitely going to do some more tests in flipbook.

He's off-model in places, and I'm not sure how I feel about it, but it was fun, so I'm posting it.


  1. Wow! Thats spot on! And brilliant. Did you look at the original animation?

  2. great job! I like the looking-away-wistfully at the end part.

    have fun at CTN! I wish I could go!!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Kate, maybe next year? :D You and Ben should go sometime, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves!

    Ramona, I watched a few of the Scar scenes and made my own model sheet for him (which looks pretty lame, btw, I just loosely traced some screenshots :p), but my TLK dvd doesn't work on my computer, OR on my bluray player, which sucks, so I didn't reference it as much as I should have or wanted to.

  4. Hey amanda this can out really great..I am going to CTN as well maybe I will see you there

  5. Hey Amanda, nice scar, I like the subtle little head tilts and expression at the end. Very inspiring too! yeah see you at CTN soon

  6. Wow, that was beautiful! Awesome job.

    Ah, CTN. That would be cool if I could somehow go and meet you there, but have fun regardless.

  7. Hi Amanda,

    I'm a line producer with Titmouse inc. We're currently looking for animators to join our crew in 2011 and we saw your portfolio online. Stop by our booth at CTN and ask for me. I'd be interested in talking to you about joining our crew.

    Ben Kalina
    Line Producer
    titmouse inc

  8. hey, amanda!
    beautiful name and beautiful blog ;) i'll link you to mine right away

  9. Wow Amanda that is really good work, I wish I could draw like that. ☺☺☺☺

  10. those inbetweens look good, even for rougher animation.

  11. Very nice, thanks for the information.

  12. just stumbled accross your blog and thought i'd say hi.
    love this wee test of Scar.. its a really good effort.
    I like the subtle head turns and mouth movements.

    I was working at CTN. I was the british girl sharing a booth with Craig Elliott. It was a very last miniute decision to fly out to LA, as Craig invited me, just 5days before the show started, so i didn't have with me.
    I'll be at comic con this year along side Craig, and plan to have a booth at CTN also, so maybe see you there??

    Keep up the great work!!
    All the best,


  13. Just ben looking thru your blog, and i must say, it is very refreshing to come across fresh new Talent!!
    Keep it up and you'll go very far!!


  14. Also, just to let you know, iv made a link to you blog on mine, so i will be back for more!! :D

  15. Hi Amanda, Found your work and really enjoyed your films. I was at CTN too. Hope you had a good time there as well.