Tuesday, November 10, 2009

character and life drawing update

I guess it'd be about time I showed some character stuff for my film.
The pond sprite it pretty much locked to this design (slight variations here and there), not to these colours yet though.
And just a pass for the little girl. I still have to play around with it and get comfortable drawing her. Well both, really. The pond sprite has been the same since the summer (and I had sneakily put her in my banner!), though the little girl showed up in the story once school started.

Some kinda boring recent life drawings and quick hand drawings from being completely bored in an elective class :|


  1. I really love the sprite and the girl. I can't wait until you start animating them.
    And the pen life drawings came out really good, I wish all the models' poses were as engaging.

  2. if i could adopt that litte girl i would. sooo cute!!

    it reminds me of those little mary blair type children. with the red noses and stuff :)

    can't wait to see ur leica!! HINT HINT

  3. aw so cute. =)
    and i love your life drawings. The first set looks like it was done on photoshop.

  4. Marvelous job, I just love the hair on the sprite. She has such a great design, it's so froggish. And the girl is adorable.

    And of course your life and hand drawings are superb.x

  5. Wow, loving your stuff here. Super solid.

  6. I feel like I'm being repetitive when I say great work, but really, what else can I say? It really is great work. It just keeps getting better too

  7. very cute! I like the sprite's jawline and how it sticks out a bit.

  8. Hey Amanda,
    Thanks for the comments! it's always great to hear from other artists. I see you're in the animation program @ Sheridan, hope you're enjoying it.
    I'm currently working on my 2nd,11 sec. club animation, the clock is ticking! hopefully I will get it done:) ...oh & don't forget to vote!
    Keep up the drawing,& hope to see more of your work!


  9. Great work as always. Particularly the sprite. Clever incorporation of the frog legs.

    Little kids are tough, it is really hard to make them cute and unique at the same time. I don't know the girl's personality so I can't say for sure, but if you want something to play around with as you refine her design, I'd say making her less traditionally cute (not so rounded, with slightly less ideal proprtions etc.) might just make her even more appealing in the end. I could also be totally wrong. I quite like the drawing of her sitting at the table, lovely personality in that one.

  10. hello my name is Victoria I'm a first year at Sheridan. Hi! I really like your style when I saw it in the 4th year display, while waiting for a friend. I'd love to help if you need any with it. I heard from Michelle that some of the fourth years are recruiting some 1st,2nd,and 3rd years to help. I'd love to learn more, not to sure if I'm much help but I'd love to help =D

  11. Lovely drawings... you have a great blog!