Friday, July 18, 2008

art books and requests

It seems as if there's going to be a bunch of interesting disney books coming out soon, according to Amazon. I'm assuming the list I've made are all art books (which at this point I want):

-Disney Lost and Found: Exploring the Hidden Artwork from Never-Produced Animation (This one's already out)
-Disney's Neglected Prince: The Art of Disney's Knights in Shining Armor (and Loincloths)
-Hippo in a Tutu: Dancing in Disney Animation
-Disney's Dogs
-Tinker Bell: An Evolution
- The Disney Sketchbook 1928 - 2008
I look forward to them.

And I took some requests on DA to get me back into drawing without having to worry about what to draw and these are the first 3.

The first is Dee as a Ravenclaw, the second is Scott's character and the third is ChikaPika's character from DA.


  1. Aweesome!
    You know I like all of theeese.

  2. Wow...I'm astonished. You're just 20 years old like me, but you're thousands time greater at drawing..

  3. nice work Amanda I love the drawings and the color scheme you chose. Good Job!

  4. Well, I already commented on the art on DA, so... 8)

    But wow, art books art books ART BOOKS. Yum. If I wasn't saving up for college, I'd totally be saving up for these puppies.

    So can you find these at regular (i.e. real-life) bookstores? I'm cheap and I'll probably just sit there reading them for a few hours, but I keep forgetting to look for them whenever I DO go to a bookstore (which, admittedly, isn't often enough), and I'm pretty sure I already asked you this question but I forgot. D: AND THIS COMMENT IS TOO LONG.

  5. ahaha...SOMEBODY really likes disney.
    aw that dei as harry potter.aha

    glad to see your posting cool stuff. Once I get this comssion out of the way I plan on posting more as well.

    keepintouch, bolf you and dee monkeyman

  6. Stellar stuff, Amanda! That lion is just too fricken cute.

  7. i LOVE your blog, Amanda. everything looks so yummy!

  8. Wow. Beautiful. My fav is the right upper one. A bit like Egon Schiele.