Sunday, September 30, 2007

School is keeping me busy, and the Ottawa Animation Festival made me a week behind :p
But I finished my animation on time..
Wave Boat Sack ;)

And I got my final painting project from last year back; a character cel over a painted background :D


  1. Yay, new stuff! I always love seeing your animations. 8)

  2. What's this? An update? FINALLY! xD

    Sexy animation... I just finished the ball/balloon/pendulum assignment. Aaaaand, they suck xD; ~ Ah well, I think I'll do better on the seaweed thingger, hopefully... >_>;;;

    Mmmmn, that rhino is hot. Y'know, in that beer-bellied sorta' way? A certain je ne sais-qouis, if I may ;D

    YAY NEW MANDY ARTS! *happydance*

    PS - Why do I still never see you around? ARE YOU HIDING FROM ME? D:

  3. id say your second year's off to a good start...thanks for addin me onto your buddies of 5 minutes ago youre on mine...huzzah for networking

  4. I love that rhino. You must do more stuff with him.

  5. i absolutely adore the nipples on that rhinoceros