Thursday, March 8, 2007

Character posing

The still unnamed ant-eater; walking up to the chair, sitting in it (trying to, in this case), grabbing the mug, and drinking.

*EDIT* Ahh, just got them scanned so they're nice and clean now B)


  1. thats a great lookin ant eater and quite different from what everybody else seems to have done including myself.

  2. Oh! He's so cute! XD

    (Yeah...I pretty much got an account on here just to leave comments on your blog. >D)

  3. Oh coolnesses! I like you're character lol. And the stuff on your page look awesome!! AWESOME!!

  4.'re famous!!! I miss you!!
    btw...I like the ant eater, and just the other day, I found one of your drawings when I was cleaning my room...on my ancient portfolio from first brought back memories *tear*
    take care

  5. Anteaters are cool.
    His name should be Barry.