Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super quick doodle

I started a blog to give some tips and help for the entry portfolio for people looking to get into Sheridan's Animation Program. I've only started it not too long ago and it's gone on hold as of right now while I'm busy and try to find some time to work on it (I'll have it posted and linked once it's gotten more on it).
There's a part of the blog where I redraw my portfolio pieces that got me into Sheridan and last night I was inspired to redraw my character that I used for the turn around and expressions.

It felt good just to draw something for fun, no stress!
Anyway, his name is Arrow and he's a bush baby (or something). I didn't look at any animal ref this time around (and I probably didn't for the first time around either, hah!) so excuse him if he doesn't really look like one. Just trying to show a simple structured character while keeping it appealing.

This horrendous thing under here is my original from 2006 that I applied with. What is going on with those circles!? lol! I guess my understanding of structure wasn't quite there yet.

Anyway just thought I'd share this. Have a Happy Halloween!


  1. It is awesome to have been introduced to you. I like your blog can't wait to come back to read more:)

  2. thats nice of you to post these for ppl!

  3. So much goodness on your blog!!! It's an over load of goodness

  4. Hey Amanda,
    Wow ! It's is just crazy how much you've grown as an artist in four years. I guess 5 years now...

    I actually want to go through my old portfolio and try re-doing the character I applied with.