Monday, July 25, 2011

workshop 1 progress reel

Since it was due yesterday anyway, here's my iAnimate Workshop 1 Progress Reel.
It's some pretty basic stuff, but I might as well post it! One more assignment in Workshop 1, though. I'll post it when it's done if it looks alright ;)


  1. Awesome job Amanda! I love the Tots interaction shot :)

  2. i love the acting you did with those little springs, awesome work so far! good luck!

  3. wait wait... Scott Wright was my instructor at CalArts! What a small world we live in, eh? Your work looks great!

  4. Thanks for the nice words, everyone!

    Louise: We've got some friends who graduated from Calarts who know Scott, it was awesome hearing him mention them in our online class xD And even more coincidentally, he graduated from Sheridan years ago and did a lecture at our school in our last year. And this was before iAnimate existed :p The animation industry is so small! :)