Saturday, June 26, 2010

small update

Thanks for all the comments on my film! I'm glad it got a good response but I'm definitely ready to move on and do something different.

While waiting around for work to get figured out, I had planned on doing a Shere Khan animation, just a very short lip sync to get back into dialogue, but Shere Khan is really hard to draw D: Really. Hard. I watched Jungle Book, looked at all the model sheets I had, and screencaps, and maybe it was the stress of waiting around hoping that the job situation will work out, but I just couldn't get his likeness when trying to draw him on my own, and I didn't want the animation to be made up of only the drawings from the model sheet :S

Anyway, so I had planned on making my own model sheets for him, but I only got around to doing one, which might be way off anyway. Hah. But then I put that idea aside and decided to do something of my own creation first to get warmed up, so I picked a piece of dialogue and drew up this dog. And I have been dying to animate some animals since my film didn't have any (fish doesn't count).

I started planning out the shot but then work was starting, so for now it's put aside as well.
So here are some drawings.

I do hope to get back to them when I have a moment 8)


  1. Haha, the dog looks like Lady's relative x)
    And Shere Kan looks pretty on model to me! He just needs a longer body.

  2. Your animals are always infinitely adorable.
    Awesome work as always Mandy.

  3. Cute designs Amanda, I hope you get back to this someday!
    Hope all is good!

  4. Looks really nice Amanda. Are you and Boris still in Toronto?

  5. Lookin good! I know what you mean about wanting to animate a char like Shere Khan... so frustrating not getting the likeness right when you can see the animation in your head! lol - I look forward to seeing what you do with this dog!


  6. Great work; your film is excellent!

  7. Awesome! I can't wait to see what you do with it! *3*

  8. Hey Amanda, I wish you'd put up the voiceclip you were inspired by. That dog seems to have so much personality, but I don't know what the voiceclip behind it is. I wonder at the mystery of it :). Regardless, awesome looking work. Hope you get around to the animation. I'll keep an eye out for it.

  9. ohhhh great jobs... cute dogs ^^!!
    your gallery is more more wonderful!!nice XD

  10. Hi, ya Shere Khan is amazing, and also amazingly Hard, I tried to animate him for my turn around in first year and failed. I Hope your able to do it one day.
    Nice work tho

  11. Thanks guys! :)

    @coNstanza - I'm glad you caught that! I'll keep an eye out for his body length if I ever try and draw him again :D

    @Fraeya - it's a really short one sentence clip from an old tv show, so hopefully I can actually do it and I'll post it :D

    @Mike - same with me! I did him for my head turn around. It was fun so I hope to try him again C:

  12. wow love the work on you blog I just graduated from scad just a few months ago, I was curious if you wouldn't mind talking with me through email, I am curious to know where you found work I am currently looking for a job and finishing a film.

  13. Hi Amanda!
    Congratulations for your animated brilliant!
    I wish you a great career in animation!

  14. Brilliant work! I only wish I had attended Sheridan.

    The short you did was fantastic and exhibited a real knack for emotion and fluidity. You have a really solid career in animation now!

  15. It's work like this that makes me want to move to Canada. That is an awesome Shere Khan and I LOVE the emotions of the cocker spaniel. Excellent job, Amanda.

  16. The dog at the top is incredible! I think I looked at it for five minutes straight. Wow! you are talented!

  17. Hi Amanda,

    Wow great work!! I love that do design :D Thats a really good shere kahn drawing as well! I'm planning on a dialogue shot for him as well I can relate to the difficulty of drawing him. Very nice film in the post below as well :)


  18. очень хорошая графика!))

  19. Great little expressions on the wee puppy!!
    Would love to se him animated?? Maybe a dialog piece with the 11second club??

    Keep it up!! :D