Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the flipbook that never was..

So apparently this year there aren't enough people to get a page in the yearly flipbook so it won't be coming out (unless that changes..) but anyway, Boris and I had split a page (didn't want to pay for a copy we don't need...) but yeah, this was what our page looked like.

And the group film is still going! There's so much stuff I learned this year about animation, it's a shame we didn't get taught this stuff earlier >(


  1. Beautiful stuff! Your blog is always so inspiring! :)

  2. Heyyy, you posted! Huzzah!

  3. I love that mermaid of yours, so much. (And I blame the first years, only 10 of them bought Flipbooks apparently)

    Also I have that print from like a year ago and the Aristocats that I need to give/return to you XD

  4. awesome page, amanda (and boris)

    is this true?? no flipbook?? i want my 40 bucks back!

  5. Hi..
    great job!!
    I admire your designs and colors

    very beautiful..

  6. nice work zima! the flipbook was seriously canned?
    Maybe if they didn't make it due right in the middle of the bussiest time of the year eh?

    haha not only did we not learn it sooner, but it wasnt even taught to us by the profs...had to learn it on our own.

    excited to see the third year films. hope its goin well for you guys.

  7. Great blog! Really great animation, designs, and your life drawing is amazing! :D

  8. i thought they are trying to make a smaller version of flipbook. But yeah I'm pissed about the first years not handing in anything. I did, and if there really won't be flipbook I want my money back.

  9. Those are sweet, especially the mermaid!

  10. wow..
    very beautiful your designs!!
    I admire your job!!

  11. k good news. the flipbookis coming to people who payed for it, but wewon't get it till beginning of next year. The only problem is if there will be enough money to make flipbooks from industry day, whiich apparently we are about 100 buscks shot. Hopefully this thursday we'll make that amount.

  12. When are you going to update the blog?
    We need new stuff! =]

  13. great stuff, beauttiful things and
    inspiring too!

  14. WELL IT'S OUT! And you and mr.Boris both have a beautiful page together.


    :D :D :D

    And awesome.

  15. Don't make me hunt you down to post.