Sunday, June 17, 2007

Boris and I went to the zoo with Robin last weekend :D

These were the only sketches I actually liked, and the people in there are from the train ride there/back.

I can't wait to finish my sketchbook and start a fresh one >:3


  1. If you want to start a fresh sketchbook, be like me and draw really fast/waste pages!

    Oh yeah. Nice Giraffe.

    I'm kidding, your Giraffe is lovely. I wish I had your patience (or anyone else who bothers with photoshop).

  2. Maaan that giraffe came out nice. It'll take me ages to finish and scan mine. : (
    We got to go again soon.

  3. cool giraffe...But I like the badass pissed off lizard the best.

  4. GAAHA these are so great. I love animals. And you draw them so well.

    GAAAAH I need to draw more.

  5. awesome work u got, love your people studies!

    ken :D

  6. brillllllliant! I have to get on posting mine! I never saw your sketch of that dog before -- it's cute!

    We'll go again sometime soon

  7. wonderful sketches! i like especially the giraffe pencil rough! great drawings and studies you have here, keep it up!! :o)

  8. Looking great, as usual! x) I should really go to the zoo. I wish my life drawings turned out as well as yours do. xD